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Education in Italy

Education in Italy

Why study in Italy?

It's difficult to find a country as inspiring as Italy. Birthplace of the Renaissance, home of countless famous dishes and museums, and the hub of the best luxury brands, Italy is a world leader in many areas. Additionally, it has unparalleled beauty in both architecture and nature — from the cobblestone streets of Rome to the bright blue waters of the Amalfi Coast. Today, Italy, the country of the world's greatest minds, such as Da Vinci and Dante, welcomes bright students like you.

Thanks to its affordable and high-quality education, many international students choose Italy for their studies.

A country with beauty everywhere, both in architecture and in nature, Italy provides affordable and high-quality education in many fields. From north to south, the country is full of arts, culture, and history. And of course, great universities that offer globally recognized degrees.

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Here are the top reasons why Italy is one of the best places to study:

  • High-ranking public and private universities offering a variety of degrees. With public universities charging between €0–5,000 per year, Italy is one of the most affordable European countries in terms of tuition fees. Among its 60 ranked universities, it is possible to find degrees in different fields, such as design, business, science, and engineering. No matter what your budget or interests are, Italy, a hub for both arts and sciences, will have something for you. 
  • Food, culture, and lifestyle like no other country. Italy is arguably one of the best destinations for foodies, culture lovers, and art enthusiasts. As the country with the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites, Italy is home to architectural masterpieces such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. That said, visiting landmarks is only one part of experiencing Italy’s culture. To get to know Italy, go out and taste homemade pasta, grab a slice of thin-crust pizza, and have an espresso at a bar! 
  • English degrees that are valid all over the world. Italy has over 185 Bachelor’s, over 700 Master’s, and over 70 PhD programmes taught entirely in English. Plus, the country is a member of the European Higher Education Area along with 49 other member states, mainly from Europe. This means that once you obtain your degree in Italy, you can continue your studies in any of the member countries as if you studied in the same place all along. 
  • A vibrant student life full of travelling opportunities. In Italy, social life is very important. Especially in big cities, you will find many restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightclubs to spend time and meet new people. As an international student, you also benefit from various discounts, including lower museum entrances and cheaper train tickets. Hop on a bus, take a fast train, or head to the nearest airport, and you’ll be in another wonderful part of the country, in a matter of hours.  

In the Italian grading system, you will receive a mark from 0 to 30, with 18 being the minimum required to pass. Bachelor's programmes (Laurea Triennale) last three years, and Master’s programmes (Laurea Magistrale) last two years.

Many international students choose to study in Italy because the country’s traits, which make it stand out from the crowd, are also reflected in the study curricula. For example, Milan, one of the world’s leading fashion hubs, is also a magnet for students interested in degrees in fashion, branding, and design. But the fashion capital has way more to offer! Here, you can find some of the best technical universities in the country, such as Politecnico di Milano. Italy also has successful business schools, such as Bologna Business School, and Life Sciences and Medicine programmes taught in English, like the courses at the Sapienza University of Rome. Located in the heart of Europe, Italy shares borders with Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and France, which means that there are countless travel options to explore even more cultures. You can easily travel to these European countries by bus or train, depending on where in Italy you’re studying. Other countries in Western, Eastern, and Central Europe will also be a short flight (or train) ride away.

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